Welcome to Swirling Notions!

April 21, 2007

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind this past week getting Swirling Notions off the ground (yes, I could say my head is swirling, but I won’t). I’m glad you stopped by. Let me start by telling you how this all came about. (You can find out more about me, Lia Huber, here).

A few weeks ago, I got a call from a friend of mine who said that he was working with Clos du Bois on a campaign to raise money for women’s heart health during the month of May (www.toasttomom.com), that they were thinking of doing a blog, and that he thought I’d be perfect for it. Could I get it planned, up and launched in a couple of weeks?

Yes, the deadline was brutal. But to help you understand what a kismet deal this seemed to be, I need to give you a bit of background about my own personal connections with Clos du Bois. First of all, their vineyards and winery are landmarks in California’s northern Sonoma County, where I live (yes, it’s gorgeous here). Second, it’s an American winery with a French name—I’m an American who has been a Francophile since I was eight, when I set as one of my life goals to attend the Sorbonne in Paris (yep, I did it). Third, my husband, Christopher, and I spent our first anniversary up here at a friend’s house (we were still living in San Francisco at the time) amidst their vineyards and guess where those grapes were slated to go when they were good and ready? You guessed it, Clos du Bois. So from my perspective, I thought it was a great fit. And it turns out they did too.

What LS from Clos du Bois said was that they were looking for someone who “sucks the marrow out of life,” (to quote Thoreau) who travels with a sense of curiosity and is inquisitive about everything, someone for whom food and wine and travel and well-being are all intertwined—just like the people who buy their wines. And they found me. And now, barely ten days later, SwirlingNotions is up and running and here you are, and not just by chance, I believe.

Let me tell you what to expect from this blog. Actually, first let me tell you what not to expect. Don’t expect any Clos du Bois plugs from me. When I talk about their wines, it’s because I’m excited about them or I’ve learned something new from their winemaker, Erik, and want to share it with you. What you can expect is musings from me as life unfolds each week. It may be about a toast I composed over the weekend (our friend has a BIG birthday coming up on Sunday), or a roast I concocted (did I mention I’m a recipe developer?), or some nutty thing I heard on the radio and wanted to get your input on, or a dispatch upon return from a remote island (leaving this Tuesday, back Saturday). In short, anything life has to offer that makes me stop and go, “hmmm” and leaves me thinking you might too.

I’m glad you here. I’m excited about this blog. And I look forward to swirling around many notions (and sips of wine!) with you in the days to come.



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