What’s on the Face of YOUR Fridge?

August 3, 2007

Our fridge is dead. It’s actually been dead for nearly a month, during which time Christopher and I have been shuttling food back and forth from our Emergency-Costco-Fridge in the carport (lots of fun in a bathrobe with a baby on your hip, I assure you). I had quite a few chuckles with my friends on the Cooking Light bulletin boards about appliance breakdown nightmares (lots of fodder for Thanksgiving!), and it made me stop and take a last, lingering look at the beloved collage we’ve assembled over the years on the front (and side) of our fridge.

I’ve always believed that what’s on a fridge says a lot about a person—and ours is a great example. Right now it’s like a tour of our days as a carefree couple. I think it’s a bit ironic that just as our child arrives, the fridge’s demise necessitates a shuffle of the portrait of our life. No doubt our next fridge (arriving Monday, HALLELUJAH!) will be covered with family shots of Noe, doctor’s reminders, emergency numbers, babysitter cell phone numbers and the like.

But before that happens, in the last few days that this freeze frame of our ‘old’ life remains in tact, I thought I’d share the face of my fridge with you and invite you to do the same.

E-mail me at lia at swirlingnotions.com (with FRIDGE SHOT in the subject line) with a photo of the face of YOUR fridge. I’ll compile them in a week or so and post them here. Or, if you’re prefer, just give a laundry list in the comments below. I’d love to know!





































12 Responses to “What’s on the Face of YOUR Fridge?”

  1. foodette Says:

    Oh my gosh, I think I would be pretty embarrassed to publish the front of my fridge. I am a minimalist, who often loses that battle to my husband, who likes his things VISIBLE! Our fridge is a hodgepodge of magnets, ranging from freebees from our favorite restaurants (and their business cards) to the last four seasons of Angels Baseball calendars to ads for cheap taxi rides to LAX (which we never use!). Oy vey. There are a couple of post cards as well – my husband’s movies, some artists we like, and even a picture or two.

    Maybe I will take a picture for posterity. My goal is to one day get one of those stainless steel fridges that don’t accept magnets. But then, I am sure these items would end up somewhere else! I guess I just need to let go of my minimalist ways, huh?

    Great post/poll!!

  2. Rosemary in Utah Says:

    The front of my fridge is clear, because that’s where I put the recipe I’m working on. (Yep, just one magnet.)
    I’m no clean freak, it’s just a matter of being able to *find* the (clean dry readable) recipe — the counters/stovetop are chaos. (And usually sticky!)
    Soon Noe will have coloring books and fingerpainting and such to decorate the appliances!

  3. Judy Says:

    Pizza vouchers, Subway vouchers, KFC vouchers, (can you tell we have a house full of teenage boys?!) a ‘God Bless America’ car magnet that we bought when we were in the US, a photo of my gorgeous blonde nephew who is the same age as Noe and lots of those free calendars the real estate agents give out each year. Not sure why we need more than one.

    When the kids were little, the best things on the fridge were the magnetic numbers and letters, and later, the magnetic words – they spent hours making sentences and poems and sayings with them.

  4. Judy Says:

    Oops, I just had another look at your photos and see that you already have the magnetic words – nice one! But not till Noe’s old enough not to put them in her mouth and swallow them.

  5. lia Says:

    These are great! I love how diverse everyone’s fridge is. Foodette, you and your husband crack me up–that’s exactly how Christopher and I are, only with the roles reversed. I remember when we first got married we had a row about where to keep the kitchen utensils–tongs and spatulas and spoons and the like. He wanted them in a drawer, hidden away; I wanted them in some kind of container on the counter so I’d KNOW what I had where. Ten years later, guess where they still reside? In a ceramic wine cooler (his, we compromised) right by the stove. 😉

    Rosemary, I totally hear you on being able to keep a recipe clean! I bought a strip and magnets from IKEA and installed it just under my cabinets (this was one of those browsing-through-IKEA-with-no-purpose-when-you-have-a-stroke-of-genius moments), which I LOVE. Now I hang my recipes and menu for the week and any sort of prep lists I need right there, under my nose.

    Judy . . . you’re totally right, what a classic snapshot of a house full of teenage boys! I can’t wait until we can return those words to the fridge and Noe can start ‘writing’ poems with us.

  6. […] Many of these moments—and others that were sparked by these—were captured in the collage of photographs on the front of our […]

  7. Dr. Chad Says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful new baby daughter. She is cute as a bug in the photos Christopher showed us. Today we discovered your great article in Prevention Magazine. Gee she looks familiar! We have all read and enjoyed it and now we will go to all the back articles listed on your site. You are way too modest. Have a great rest of Summer. Chad and Staff.

  8. lia Says:

    Thank you Dr. Chad! And great timing . . . I’m just about to write a post on that article. It was such fun to be in on the photos shoot.

    Have a great summer, and hope to see you back here again!

  9. Melissa Says:

    I just found your website thru HAI yahoo. I love it! Thanks for all the interesting articles!

  10. lia Says:

    Hi Melissa, good to see you here. Thanks for the kudos . . . I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself!

  11. Nicole Says:

    Hi Lia,

    I can’t take a photo of my fridge because I’m traveling but I did write a post a while back that talks about some of my fridge magnets and what they mean to me. You can see it here, if you’re interested. I love seeing what other people have stuck to their refrigerators!

  12. lia Says:

    Those are hysterical Nicole! I have one that my aunt sent me that still cracks me up. It says, “carrot cake is a food group in this house,” which in itself isn’t that funny. But just that day my husband dropped his yearly “hint” that he wanted me to make carrot cake (his favorite cake) from scratch (I’m an awful baker), and my aunt doesn’t normally just send me random magnets out of the blue (until Noe arrived, that is ;-)). So it was a totally serendipitous gift.

    Thanks for sharing!

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