I saw a video interview on Root Concepts yesterday with Heather Stephenson from Ideal Bite (like Daily Candy, only Green). Heather used a Logideal bite logoterm in the interview, “Light Green Lifestyle,” that made me think. What shade of Green am I living?

I can certainly don a dark-green mantle and expound on all the ways I do live “Green”:

  • We grow, and eat, organic food almost exclusively
  • I am the proud owner of a vermiculture (worm) colony for composting
  • We drive a hybrid
  • We recycle

But when I’m really, shamelessly truthful, the Green gets bleached out quite a bit:

  • I fried (left the container in too much sun) and then drowned (added a sprinkler head too close to the bin) my first, oh, 10,000 or so worms on the first go-round (what color is wormicide?). So now I’m on my second batch and happy to report that they’re thriving.
  • Our hybrid is an SUV . . . and a mid-sized one at that.
  • I fell off the gDiaper wagon. I tried, but it seemed that the innards (too big) didn’t quite fit the outards (too small), and you can imagine how that played out when I had to dismantle the innards from the outards and carry them through the house to the bathroom full of another kind of turd entirely.  

So I just signed up for Ideal Bite and am already looking forward to putting their daily eco-living tips into action. In the meantime, though, I’m going to go feed my worms.