Thou Shalt Not Covet That Tomato

September 13, 2007

I love my office. It’s a sunny little room just beyond the kitchen in the back of our house with built in bookshelves, French doors on one side and a window seat looking out to the garden on the other. The only trouble is, the view can be distracting. Take, for instance, this Kellogg’s Breakfast tomato I’ve been oggling for days.

Yellow tomato0011

It’s ENORMOUS—and my ‘big’ tomatoes have traditionally not worked out so well, so this is a big deal. It’s turning the most delightful shade of Dreamsickle orange. And it’s so enticing that when I’m supposed to be focused on other things, like, say writing a blog post or editing my novel, instead I’m fantasizing about what I’ll do with this beaut when I finally pluck it from its roost. Will I cut it into chunks for a panzanella? Or slice it up for a BLT with really good bacon, really good bread, real mayo, and arugula in lieu of lettuce? It’s too seductive on its own to be sullied with any sort of heat. Maybe I’ll go with my most recent favorite—discovered as the answer to a desperate “what should I eat?” at 2:00 pm—a piece of good bread toasted, rubbed with garlic, spread with avocado, layered with tomato slices, topped with crumbled feta and anointed with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of Malden sea salt. Sheer bliss, I tell you.

But those are all my safeties, my ‘been there-done that’s.’ I want to hear what you think I should do with this behemoth beauty . . . what’s your favorite way to enjoy the perfect tomato?


11 Responses to “Thou Shalt Not Covet That Tomato”

  1. Karen Says:

    Oh my gosh, how I’d love to enjoy that tomato! I’d slice it and lay it on a piece of crusty bread with a drizzle of olive oil. A piece of applewood-smoked bacon would bring it over the top.

    Your office sounds like an inspiring, peaceful place to work, as opposed to mine — in the middle of the kitchen next to my first grader doing his homework.

  2. lia Says:

    The part about my office that I left out, is that as of two months ago it has blue puzzle foam flooring, safety gates around everything and two boxes of toys and books that are constantly stewn all over the floor. So I hear you ;-). And . . . as Noe stands straighter and reaches farther, even the lower surface areas are being usurped by my daughter!

    Thanks for coming by, Karen . . . and for the suggestion!

  3. Ursula Says:

    That tomato would be perfect sliced with buffalo mozzerella-salted & peppered-on a nice fresh baguette slathered with pesto. Mmmmmmm…

  4. Robin Says:

    This best explains what I’d do with it ;-).

    Enjoy yours though. It looks beautiful.

  5. Erika Says:

    Mmm. Eat it like an apple-fresh off the vine. Nothing better than that!

  6. Rosemary in Utah Says:

    Lol– when I read “bute” I wondered if you meant “brute”, or “beaut”? Both, it looks like!

    No heat is a good idea — unless you can manage to get it rinsed, salted, and eaten while it’s still warm from the sun.
    Does Noe like tomatoes?

  7. Jo Says:

    I love this piece, so mouth-watering (and the photograph really puts me in your garden within hand’s reach)! And one of my favourite lunches is mooshed avocado/lemon/blackpepper on rye toast……next time I’ll give it the Lia twist. Yum.

  8. lia Says:

    OK, all of these make my mouth water! Thank you, all, for your suggestions!

    Ursula — That made me wonder how a dollop of pesto would taste in a panzanella . . . mmmm.

    Robin — You crack me up.

    Erika — I love this. It’s also my absolute favorite way to eat blackberries and figs.

    Rosemary — Noe LOVES tomatoes! She often polish off an entire tomato herself for dinner.

    Jo — I’ll have to try a squeeze of lemon next time . . . give it the Jo twist 😉

    In the end, I saved it until our friends and God-daughter arrived here from Arizona for the weekend. We made a little welcome ceremony out of going to the garden and picking the giant, then cut it into chunks and devoured it, as Rosemary said, warm from the sun. Luckily, there’s more where that one came from!

  9. spacedlaw Says:

    Panzanella indeed or with a fresh slice of Mozzarella di Buffala. Or on a bruschetta, with just a little basil and a drizzle of olive oil.
    (by the way I followed Jo here).
    Greetings from Italy.

  10. nonizamboni Says:

    What a gorgeous tomato!
    If I had such a lovely, I’d snap it off the vine, pick some fresh basil, cut the tomato in quarters, break up the basil and pour olive oil and wine vinegar over the top. Black pepper and a fork YUM
    Lovely post and great blog!

  11. lia Says:

    Great to see you here, Spacedlaw and Nonizamboni! You’ve both got me craving basil now . . .

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